We considered many native breeds but chose Red Ruby Devon’s for their temperament, ability to finish off grass and of course their excellent meat quality.

Calving is February to April at present, however we are planning to change this to twice yearly – spring and autumn so that we have fat cattle ready throughout the year. All of our calves suckle their dams for nine or ten months before being weaned.

Our cattle are kept out for as long as possible and are only brought in when ground conditions deteriorate most years they will be in from December until early March.

Red Ruby Devons: Devon Cattle Breeders Society

We chose Ruby Red Devon Cattle because they are noted for producing excellent beef on a low input system and have a docile temperament. Other characteristics include

■ Excellent Performance on Grass-based Systems

■ High Daily Weight Gains

■ Ideal Conservation Grazers

■ Producers of Prime Quality Beef

■ A Exceptional Suckler Cow

■ Longevity

■ Natural Resistance to Disease

■ Tolerant of Hot and Bleak Climates

Grass fed Red Ruby Devon beef is renowned for its marbling, texture, flavour and tenderness. The balance of fat and meat is a vital factor in flavour. Unlike modern breeds, the Red Ruby Devon naturally lays down intra-muscular fat in the meat which produces wonderful marbled beef.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, food writer and broadcaster, is also an owner of Red Rubies and knows first hand the qualities of Red Ruby Beef:

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Red Devon Beef boxes.

We usually send-off 6 -8 beef animals to our butcher each year and sell the meat directly from the farm or we can deliver locally. We like to ‘finish’ them at grass in the summer or with home grown hay/haylege with no additional concentrate feed so they are entirely naturally fed, which we believe gives the best taste.

Our butcher hangs the meat for a full 28 days for it to tenderise, then skilfully butchers it for us. He makes up 10Kg beef boxes that include a variety of joints from the fore, middle and hind quarters, and a selection of steaks, mince and stewing beef.

We take orders in advance and keep our customers posted on when the next available beef will be ready. We are only able to deliver locally but you can arrange to collect your meat from us here at the farm.

For our current prices see our meat leaflet or contact us for the next available beef.