Craft Centre

The Countryside Craft Centre was constructed in 2004/2005. It is a traditional timber framed building. All the green oak for the framing came from the woods here at Gulleywood.

It was all low-value oak, which all had die-back or were otherwise, compromised. But best of all none of it went on a road, from tree to frame. The straight sections were milled by Mike Gardner our neighbour, and the Curved sections were milled by Tom Vanstone from Devon Oak.

In the autumn of 2004 courses were run here at the farm, Henry Russell taught students the ancient processes involved in jointing together a whole building on the floor. The students and Henry made 3 crossframes and scarfed sections of wallplate, and in the spring of 2005 Henry, Tom, Mike and Ben Gillespie framed the rest. They raised the building by hand with a gin pole and block and tackle (and a little help from the tractor). The rafters were made from Douglas fir, half-lapped at the apex and the building is clad in local Western red cedar and roofed in natural slate.

The Craft Centre is avalible for hire, please see Craft Barn and Woodland hire page or contact us for details.