The Gulleywood herd of pedigree Large Black Pigs.

For our current prices see our meat leaflet

Having experimented with a variety of rare breeds including Saddleback, Berkshire and Tamworth , we fell in love with the docile Large Black for its character and taste. The breed is Britain’s only all black pig and is on the watch list of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust classed as ‘Vulnerable’.

They are long and deep in body and have large lop ears which reach to their snout, covering their eyes and making them easy to handle as they cannot see too far ahead. Their dark skin pigmentation helps them to resist sunburn, making them ideal for keeping outdoors. As they are a long pig they are very good for both bacon and pork.

Large black sows are excellent mothers and can rear large litters. We currently have two registered pedigree sows from the Skylark bloodline and a boar from the Majestic bloodline.

Our pigs are reared outside for most of the year on grass, only being brought inside for closer monitoring at farrowing time or if the field becomes exceptionally muddy in the winter; they tend to be far happier outside. Owing to their placid nature, they are not great escape artists unlike our earlier experiences with Tamworths (but that is another story); they are kept behind a simple 3 strand electric fence.   We like to raise our animals as naturally as possible and avoid using medications wherever possible by using good stockmanship and observation.

When we wean our piglets we bring them into the barn and generally move their mother to the far end of the farm, well out of earshot (although their usually glad of the break) We then keep them for a week or so before sending them to their new homes.

The taste of rare breed meat is nothing like what you find at the supermarket and really has to be tried for its succulent flavour – and the crackling is positively mouth-watering.

We send our pigs to a small local abattoir, thereby minimising stress to the animal. They are then butchered and packaged by our professional butcher.

Our pork can be cut to your specification whether  you having just a single joint or half a pig. We recommend that you pre order your pork. As we are a small traditional farm and not a large commercial one. We don’t always have a continuous supply of fresh pork and what we have goes fast but we do hold a small selection of frozen items.

We have foundation in food hygiene certificates and follow HACCP procedures.

For our current prices see our meat leaflet

Please contact us for availability or orders.

If you would like us to inform you when we are due to have fresh pork available, just send us an email and we can add you to our contacts list. Please be assured that we will not pass on your details to any third parties.

Pigs for sale

We often have a waiting list for weaners for both fattening and breeding, so if you are thinking about trying some Large Blacks, please contact us well in advance to avoid disappointment. All litters are Birth Notified with the British Pig Association but we only select animals that conform to breed standards to register with the BPA for breeding; it is important to realize that not every piglet born will have the desired qualities from which to breed. We only sell our weaners in pairs as they need company (unless you already have pigs)

Registered breeding stock – All registered stock come with BPA papers & are ear notched

Gilt weaners – £65

Boar weaners – £60

Unregistered fattening stock –

Gilt/Boar weaners – £45

Weaners are sold at 8-9 weeks. If older, we ask an additional £5 per week on top to cover the cost of additional feed and keep.